5 wedding buzzkills—and the ‘fixes’ you need to know

You want your wedding to an affair to remember, not regret. Here are five potential buzzkills that can hurt the party—and five ways to fix ’em, too.

While your friends and family are oh-so happy to see you say “I do,” they also want to take advantage of the open bar, without a long line. Guests should be able to keep their party going hassle-free.

THE FIX: “It’s better to be over-staffed,” says Ivy Robinson, owner of Ivy Robinson Events, “so hire one bartender per every 50 guests.” Consider having servers circulate with drinks so even guests cornered into deep conversations can quench their thirst.

All photos by Crystal Stokes Photography

 If the majority of guests are sitting down or lining the walls like a middle school dance, then they’re not having a good time. No one likes music they can’t dance to.

THE FIX: Ask your band or DJ what they do when people aren’t hopping on the dance floor,” says Sarah Hall, co-owner of Hall & Webb Event Design. She suggests making sure your entertainment can read a crowd and adjust their playlist to get people moving.

If the atmosphere isn’t changing throughout the reception, then guests are going to be lulled into boredom, says Mandi Boyle, owner of Social 10 Events.

THE FIX: Use your venue space to attract guests to different areas. Even if your reception is taking place in one large room, offer live food demonstrations in the corners, have artful drink displays along the sides, and use lighting to liven up the dance floor in the middle. Your guests will be entertained in all directions.

 If all of your guests’ senses aren’t engaged, they wont have a memorable time. All of the professionals agree that visual entertainment is key to throwing a fabulous, unforgettable party.

THE FIX: Use the dance floor as a canvas for projecting your new monogram, hire entertainers, vary the height of centerpieces, and display drinks in creative ways.

 Lets be honest—if you’re more worried about sticking to a schedule than letting your guests have fun, then you risk ruining their mood.

THE FIX: Sara Hall says don’t stop the music just to make sure you cut the cake on time. Wait for an appropriate pause. All eyes will happily be on you.

All photos by Crystal Stokes Photography