The platonic (and hilarious) vows of a 9-time bridesmaid

First, let me be clear: I’m a really lucky girl. Lucky to have the kind of girlfriends who have been there as I’ve started my life from scratch in three different cities. Girlfriends who’ve endured horror stories of more failed swiping adventures than I’d like to admit. But luck is not the word I’d use to describe my experience as a bridesmaid for many of those girlfriends.

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*Jami Headshot

Splurge v. Save: Hollywood insider tips for getting a red-carpet look

Charlotte-based hair and makeup artist Jami Svay has worked on some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, including actresses Julianne Moore and Freida Pinto, and the cast of “America’s Next Top Model.” Now, she’s offering tips for getting that red-carpet look on a more modest budget. Here, she shares which beauty items are worth the investment—and which you […]

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